My First Bowel Movement

Welcome to Peter’s shitblog .com. This domain is my forum to call out all those who take your dough and provide shitty or no service for the money. It is also a place for me to give a shout out on those frickin’ rare occasions that somebody actually provides exceptional service (don’t hold your breath!!).

The advent of the internet has given rise to a whole lot of companies that don’t actually provide any services at all apart from a conduit for other third party providers to actually provide the service (think 1-800-flowers, Uber, in some cases Amazon, Home Adviser etc etc.). The problem is that when the actual service provider ‘doesn’t’, trying to directly complain to the a-holes to whom you paid the money is next to impossible (“no phone number,  just email us!!”)

So what can you do- Call them out! Tell everyone that you know that this is a shitty company that doesn’t stand behind their promise- they just take your money and then don’t give a shit! So spread the word- use Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or any social media as well as venting on this shitblog, so that others will avoid them. I will post a lot as I have a lifetime’s backlog of shitty service and companies that couldn’t care less about providing a decent service or product – just the money. Well fuck ’em ??.

I don’t care if they eventually apologize- it means nothing. I understand that everyone and every company fuck’s up. It’s how they handle it that is the true measure of their professionalism. So have at it as I will… Oh and ?? to COMCAST while we are just chatting!

Till the next drop ?